3 Things that Excite me About Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh, pre-portioned meals delivered to your door!

If you have not heard about Hello Fresh, first, what planet are you living on! And second, Hello Fresh is a meal kit company that was created in Berlin, Germany in 2011. With remote work and being sheltered in our homes due to Covid-19, the convenience of pre-portioned meals, delivered to my home, with fresh ingredients that I could prepare in my own home became alluring.

So what is all the Hype about really?

After seeing advertisement after advertisement on Hello Fresh and other pre-packaged, fresh meals I decided to give it a try. I was able to get a promotion of 14 free meals. I was disappointed to learn that the 14 free meals were more of a discount and not free food. I decided to try and evaluate if this food solution is for me. Alarmingly, I was pleasantly surprised at the fresh, flavorful, and well-packaged meals I received.

The Plan

I selected the plan that will deliver three meals a week to your home. The package arrives in a large rather heavy box that was vacuumed sealed and enclosed in a box that contained frozen cold packs. Each meal was wrapped in a separate bag within this large box.

The Meals

My first meals were Shrimp Spaghetti with garlic herb butter and zucchini. Worried the shrimp would go bad I cooked this meal first. The shrimp was packaged in water and just needed to be rinsed and patted dry. Every dry ingredient comes in small individual packages with the exact portion needed for the meal. My second and third meals were Shawarma Chickpea Couscous with roasted veggies, pickled onion & Harissa Yogurt, and Plant-Based Carnitas Tacos. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed preparing every meal. The flavors were amazing! When I tell you the roasted veggies and couscous were everything! I loved the plant-based protein so much I scoured the internet for an hour looking for a place to purchase this protein to no avail.

My overall opinion:

I love Hello Fresh! The recipes are amazing and I get to prepare food I would have never dreamed of trying and better yet preparing correctly. Using recipes to try new meals often requires you to purchase a ton of ingredients you may never use and I usually mess up majority of the recipes I try. With Hello Fresh the guesswork is taken out for you.

Hello Fresh offers an app which is a must have as this is where you will select your next meals for the following week. The app also provides step-by-step tutorials on how to prepare each meal in your box for the week that you can follow along with (each meal also comes with a written recipe). You can also pause your delivery at any time with use of the app.

The ability to pause your weekly delivery is a plus as it is my opinion that Hello Fresh is on the expensive side. Without my promotion, I would pay $89.88 a week for three meals. Not bad if I wanted to use this service to prepare all my meals for the week. The offer for 14 free meals is also misleading. I was charged $46.20 for my first meal and will receive incremental discounts for the next 5 weeks (50%, 42%, 20%, 15%, and finally 15%).

Overall, Hello Fresh is a great yet expensive service that can cost you upwards of $400 if you receive weekly meals for three people a month. The ingredients are quality and the meals delicious. If you want pre-portioned meals that take the guessing out of what you will eat for dinner, Hello Fresh is for you.

I was not paid for this review but Hello Fresh if you would like to enter a sponsorship I am your girl!




Spiritual overcomer, woman, mother of color

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Spiritual overcomer, woman, mother of color

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